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As the head of one of these small settlements, it falls upon you to lead your people towards greatness. You cannot exchange knowledge, or form effective pacts, you don’t have common purposes or bias, just “take all my money and be my friend”!- You only control the productive activities of you cities, and you can have only five of those in each city; then, you only have a very limited amount of “services” (castle, church, armory.) to build. Please, try again later. Filter: Summary Most Helpful Recent Positive (549) Negative (718) Funny . It is at the moment an extremely shallow offering with little to no depth, in which you engage in the mind numbing process of tweak the trade route with an economy system that already needs a patch.But what about the other side of the game, surely it can’t just be trade? Well people, I am sorry to say that the combat system is even more shallow than the trade system, and those of you expecting a Total War type mini-game will be sorely disappointed. Worth several hours of fun. Don’t even try to take over Ai controled major factions because they will have more troops than you, more cities than you and the ability to produce new units out of thin air while your bank balance crumbles, at which point the entirety of your army will give up and go home, even mid fight.


New frontiers are explored, settlements founded and vast trading routes established. Nope. Ever.Once you’ve completed your 5 cities and are trading with yourself, or others if you want, but you really dont need to, the way players grow in power and gain more money is by building more buildings, but heres the kicker: after the first about 30 minutes of the game (and these games take longer than most Civ. No Development of agents, espionage, religion, enhanced diplomacy or advanced troop types. RELATED Torrents size peers seeds Grand Ages Medieval MULTi7 PLAZA ISO Windows Games11 months4.1 GB 225 0.552884 s 2015 – torrent games 0.552916 s Welcome to our new torrent site If You are searching and download for new games, this is the best site for you. It is also made pointless by archers that apparently have space-age bows that can fire and hit from miles away.Game needs a x10 speed option instead of having to hold down the spacebar all the time.Chronicle is not very useful as it stands. Again, adds to spiraling debt.Bands of animal that gather in huge numbers and appear to be more intelligent than most humans, seemingly calling out to each other from miles away to come and join the fight.


The economy management part of the game is very lacklustre, as it is far too easy to get access to all resources and build the buildings which allow you to build tiered resources e.g access to honey and fruit allows you to craft mead, and after this point the game is won by simply building an army and steamrolling opponents. I cannot stress enough just how much of a nerf these animals need. Loading reviews. Read More Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny 14 of 18 people (78%) found this review helpful 1 person found this review funny Shakar 28 products in account 6 reviews Recommended 21.6 hrs on record Posted: 16 August Grand Ages: Medieval is a very beautiful strategy game set in the Medieval Europe and little Asia, Northern Africa.Many different starting positions, free choice of difficulty options and an additional campaign of the Byzantine empire are very much content.Pro:- It combines Anno 1404 and Medieval II Total War- Easy to understand, hard to master economy- Beautiful Graphic and Sound ambience- No DLC packages, a full version for releaseCon:- Multiplayer empty- Military isnt realistic, it is like an improved version of Anno 1404Rating: 8.5/10 Read More Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny 3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful claudiassj 121 products in account 38 reviews Recommended 10.9 hrs on record Posted: 20 August This is quite a difficult review to write. So exciting! Well, don’t let me keep go right ahead and read Chapter Two.yes, Chapter Two, that’s what I said. This means that all production needs to be micromanaged or you end up with a crippled economy and spiraling debt.Troop upkeep way too high which means that a human player can never match the Ai in numbers. Now go on and read Chapter Two and come back here for the next step.Welcome back! You must be pretty invested now. To maintain quality, we reserve the right to remove reviews that do not follow these guidelines or our terms of use. All you can do is to repeat the process over and over again until the map is full of cities. Definitely not worth the price tag.


Tried coming back but it wont even launch now. Improvement of cart-management When the player has developed “Trade III”, they can set an amount of carts to traders, which they pick up on their route on their own, instead of manually assigning the carts to a trader in cities specific It is now possible to build up to 99 in one inn carts. Heck I might even say they planned it this way. You suddenly find that you’ve built everything you can. Checking in on the game today to see if they’ve improved the trade system ( the promising yet lackluster heart of the game, see other reviews ) I was amused to see that there is a thread in the community hub about the developers listening to all the player feedback, yet the big news was a mac port. This is supposed to be a sim of medieval life at a city state level yet all you do is trade and take over a few neutral states. First there are only 20 of them which is a very low number for any kind of trading and economy sim. That’s ok I suppose. Even on the main screen clicking on additional content takes you to a window with included button that helpfuly states ‘go to shop’, even though there is no DLC to buy just yet. bd9e74395d
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